Developing a transportation system that connects people to jobs, education, health care and all that our region has to offer.

At the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, we’ve spent the last five years engaging with our community, studying the data, and traveling to cities across the country to understand what it will take to create a transportation system that helps businesses grow, attracts talent to our region, and provides people with access to opportunity.

Principles of the Vision

Invest in the Future of Public Transit

Improve & maintain Infrastructure

Drive Innovation & Future oriented Investments & Projects

Provide people with Choices That Fit Their Lifestyle

Align regional decision makers toward this vision

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law) is a generational opportunity to build a more connected region in Cincinnati. The Chamber has partnered with HDR, Inc. to understand the bill’s impact and develop the most effective strategy to successful access new federal discretionary grants for projects across our region.

The Cincinnati region stands to see a 24% increase in federal transportation funds thanks to the passage of this law. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to be an active partner with our local transportation stakeholders to ensure we’re putting forth grant applications for projects that move the needle on building a dynamic, multi-modal transportation system that embraces growth.

Have a project you’d like us to consider?

We’ve developed a vision, and we’re working tirelessly to make it a reality.


Too many jobs are inaccessible by public transit, which is why we worked hard to pass Issue 7 and reinvent the Metro bus system and are working to develop an integrated, regional transit plan.


Our roads and bridges are in desperate need of repair, which is why we continue to work to prioritize maintaining our existing network.


We also know that our transportation network has to work for people, not just vehicles, which is why we’re focused on investing in choices that fit people’s lifestyle and are safe for everyone to use, no matter how you get around.


But most importantly, we know we can’t do it alone. It takes all of us – civic and grassroots organizations, public sector leaders, and more – to make this Connected Region vision a reality. That’s why we’ve invested our time in building grassroots coalitions and engaging with decision makers across the region.


This is not just our vision – it’s the community’s vision, and we look forward to making it a reality alongside the community.




Clusters of businesses across our region maximize our resources, including transportation, infrastructure and utilities, and create opportunities for knowledge sharing, talent attraction, and development of industry-specific hubs that differentiate our region when attracting and growing new businesses. Fundamentally, having a shared definition and understanding of where these hubs are will support our institutions, from local governments to transit authorities and regional planning organizations, in aligning investments to the places where they can have the biggest impact.

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With the passage of Issue 7 in the spring of 2020, Hamilton County voters approved a sales tax levy of 0.8 percent and a new funding source for Metro. With improved funding, Metro will bring to life its Reinventing Metro plan, offering the Greater Cincinnati region bold, new transit innovations that better connect our community to jobs, school, health care and play.

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CROWN, the Cincinnati Riding Or Walking Network, is a vision for a 100+ mile active transportation network, made up of a combination of multi-use trails and on-road bike lanes. Anchored by a 34-mile trail loop that’s physically separated from car traffic, this walkable and bikeable network will connect more than 356,000 people in 54 communities to major destinations like parks, schools, and centers for employment, retail, recreation and entertainment.

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The Connected Region is an initiative of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and is guided by business and community leaders and focused on advocating for policy change and building partnerships between the public and private sector.

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